Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas

Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas

Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas is a HOG with a creative gameplay

Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas is a very enjoyable hidden-object game with a creative gameplay. The game is set in a Hollywood studio where you must look for stuff belonging to one of the protagonists of the cast. The film is similar to"Titanic", so the hidden-object scenes are basically parts of the studio, parts of the ship, the port, among others. All the scenes are very-well done, and the objects are pretty well-hidden too. If you can´t find an object, you can resort to any of the power-ups, that include an Image Search option, which offers a partial glimpse of the objects on the list; the View Finder, which will focus on an item of your choice; a Text Message, which describes the location of an item; and the Spotlights, which narrows your search pointing to a location with the lights. What is more, in all the scenes there are specific objects that will help you get more points or unlock more power-ups. Also, if you complete 60 levels, you can unlock an extra one called the Red Carpet Premiere. There are lot of trophies that you can win by getting special accomplishments.

The graphics are very detailed and colorful, and the effects are also great. The music is nice, but very repetitive.
All in all, Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas is an original hidden-object game that will surely satisfy most fans of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • Original gameplay
  • Lots of trophies and power-ups
  • Cute theme
  • Great graphics


  • Repetitive music
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